About Mzo.Effects

The vision for Mzo.Effects began in 2009 when Justin TenCate decided he'd had enough of high priced guitar effects that were "almost" and "nearly" the tone he was after. After building clones of popular circuits and modding them to taste, he noticed  others with the same struggle, investing copious amounts of time and money chasing their elusive tone, only to resell one "Holy Grail" within a week to pursue another.

Mzo.Effects launched as a service in 2011, offering custom tweaked and modded circuits first to church musicians, then to anyone who asked, and by word-of-mouth quickly grew to the point many services were offered on a first -come-first-serve basis. Through it all, Justin's goal remains the same: to craft superior professional quality guitar effects that ignite the creative process.

To accomplish this purpose, Mzo.Effects is organized around these core princliples:

  • Superior Tone

  • Superior Quality

  • Superior Durability

  • Superior Service

The Ohm Enhanced Overdrive is Justin's first clean-sheet design, and is the culmination of years of learning, experimenting, tweaking and prototyping. It is our hope that the Ohm, and every original circuit that follows, becomes the fulfillment of your tone quest, and that you, at last, capture your elusive tone.

Mzo.Effects pedals are proudly designed and hand crafted in Adrian, Michigan.