The Pedals

Mzo.Effects gain effects are original circuits designed to enhance the guitarist's tone rather than hide it.

The Ohm Enhanced Overdrive is 15v of pure tone flattery, a low to medium gain drive toolbox of reactive dynamic MosFET heaven that compresses, sustains and enhances the player rather than the amp. The Ohm is fat and rich without overwhelming the guitar's voice, and is intended as a stand-alone or second stage drive. The Ohm offers unprecedented levels of control from the guitarist's hands and the guitar's volume control. It's truly a boutique amp experience in a compact pedal.



The Blue Light Drive is 18v of clean, crisp vintage tube preamp flavored harmonic boost and light, transparent overdrive. The Blue has the headroom and dynamic range to make any amp, guitar or player sparkle without losing what makes your tone special. The Blue is designed with incredibly honest upper midrange and treble frequencies, and thrives as a first stage drive or always-on tone enhancer. Plug in through The Blue, and hear what your tone is missing. Look for version 2 early 2019!