The Quality

Mzo.Effects gain effects are hand built with the highest quality components and practices exceeding the industry standard in every respect. Some highlights:

Resistors are 1/2w to 600mW Yageo 1% tolerance metal film resistors, leading to more consistent performance in a greater variety of conditions.

Capacitors are polystyrene and polypropylene in the audio path, and long-life United Chemi-Con electrolytics where appropriate. Each capacitor is carefully selected for best performance.

Soft-Touch true-bypass switching for unmatched smooth, reliable performance. A brief mute is carefully designed into the switching circuit to ensure no snaps, crackles or pops.

Details like genuine Amphenol audio jacks, silver-coated PTFE hookup wire, clean, precise building practices and carefully considered layout ensure exceptional performance for the life of the effect.

At Mzo.Effects, we never stop improving. This years' circuits are better than last years' because your tone deserves the best we can offer. As musicians, we understand your gear is essential, and are proud to cover each Mzo.Effects pedal with a lifetime warranty against workmanship or defects to the original purchaser, including wear and tear that impedes the pedal's function.