Ohm Enhanced Overdive (v2)

Ohm Enhanced Overdive (v2)

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The Ohm Enhanced Overdrive is 15v of pure tone flattery from a standard 9v supply, a low to medium gain drive toolbox of reactive dynamic MosFET heaven that compresses, sustains and enhances the player rather than the amp. The Ohm is fat and rich without altering your guitar's fundamental voice, and is intended as a stand-alone or second stage drive. The Ohm offers unprecedented levels of command from your hands and your guitar's volume control. It's truly a boutique amp experience in a compact pedal.

Version 2

Based on customer feedback, version 2 has greater headroom, a more flexible tone stack, bass cut switch and soft-touch relay switching plus all new aesthetics. It takes what was great about version 1 and makes everything better!

Current lead time is 2-3 weeks.